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Welcome to InPAT. The best Practical Accounting and taxation Institute. InPAT provides you with the best guidance on Practical Accounting & Taxation so that you can work on the things that matter to you. Learn the best courses Online and Offline with the best faculty, advanced simulation software and tools to help you get a better grasp on the subjects. Apply for the most suitable jobs, prepare for interviews, learn communication skills and level-up your professional career. Choose an option relevant to you and get Started !

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Our Mission

Post GST regime, we Chartered Accountants (CAs) found that there is a significant requirement for trained candidates of statutory compliance in the industry. In order to fulfill the requirements, we have structured 100% practical, job oriented courses on Accounting & Taxation topics. The course is structured with different levels; which helps people with different levels of experience in the Accounting and Taxation field. We offer both Online Classes and Classroom training. Our online and printed study materials and state of the art simulation software which helps candidates get a feel of real-world conditions which improve their skills in a short amount of time. Hence trained candidates can handle the Accounting Department independently with complete practical knowledge.


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Made for Students and Professionals alike, the InPAT App is specifically designed to help you in finding the right path for you. Ask questions to professionals directly using Queries; mark Due dates; get access to study materials from anywhere and find Jobs that are relevant to you. These features help you in whichever direction you choose to tread in. Download now and get Exciting features and Offers from InPAT.

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100% Practical

Our training approach is 100% job oriented. All courses and materials are carefully structured by professional Accountants based on Industry Standards.

We only hire CA inter or equivalent faculties with Industry Experience, thus ensuring that the most relevant knowledge is imparted to students of InPAT.

Each batch accommodates only 10 students, and each will have a personal computer to learn, practice and test their skills. This ensures the best learning experience for each student.

100% Placement Assistance is provided to all students of InPAT. Our vast client-base is ideal for most students to get better jobs, both in designation and pay.

Our Team is constantly working hard in selecting, segregating, verifying and shortlisting suitable candidates; Scheduling interviews and coordinating with candidates, thus saving the time and efforts of recruiters.

Our Team consists of Experts with knowledge on accounting and HR candidate requirements. Hence, choosing the best candidates for recruiters' requirements is quick and easy.

Candidate information is provided to companies only if the candidate skills are a perfect match to company requirements. This ensures quick recruitment and placements.

We only provide verified details of candidates to the company. A primary screening of information for each candidate is carried out by our experts. This helps the company HRs in swift hiring process.