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Looking for an Accountant/HR Candidate?

InPAT provides you with the best candidates and tools to help you in selecting the right person for your job requirements.
InPAT is India's first Placement Company working exclusively for Accountants and HR. We at InPAT follow a research-based approach in dealing with the candidates' recruitment process. We take interviews, tests, review records, and other tasks to locate the best candidates for you. Our vision is to offer most suitable finance candidates with practical knowledge & application of accounting subjects to Corporate & SMEs and to be considered honest and dependable by our clients.

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InPAT Hiring Candidates

Our Vision

1. To offer most suitable accountants with practical knowledge & application of accounting subjects to corporates & SMEs.
2. To be considered honest and dependable by our clients.

Why Us?

Hiring the right staff for your business can be a difficult and daunting prospect.

How do you know where to begin? How do you know whether candidates have the experience you need?

Finding someone with sufficient accounting knowledge & practical application of concepts like GST, TDS, various ERPs like Tally, SAP etc., who can fit into your company and take over the responsibilities is a real challenge.
Having identified this, we are here to bridge this gap in order to find you a right Accountant/HR.


We at InPAT are creating a reliable database of the best candidates for Accounting/HR positions. Each candidate undergoes a 3-step Verification process to make sure that the candidate is adept at the skills required for the job. This process includes:

1. PROFILE VALIDATION: Information provided by the candidate when he/she applies for a job will be verified by the InPAT HR team for accuracy and authenticity. All information provided by candidates are questioned and validated.

2. COMMUNICATION SKILLS ANALYSIS: The soft skills of a candidate is just as important as the academic skills, especially for an accountant or an HR. Our team will make sure that the candidates' soft skills are up to the mark by conducting various verbal tests.

3. TECHNICAL SKILLS VERIFICATION: Our team also conducts a thorough examination of the candidates' technical skills along with their academic and soft skills. These technical skills are then added or removed from the candidates' profile.

Types of Jobs & Pricing

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Job Posting
Your candidate requirement shall be posted as a Pro Job in InPAT pro app. Candidate will apply for the job and you will get all data of that candidate.

  • Access to Job Portal
  • Access to Candidate Database
  • Technical Skill Assessment
  • Shortlist Suitable Candidates

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CV Access
Get access to number of candidate profiles and find out most suitable candidate for your requirement. Selection / Rejection option for each candidate.

  • HR Manager support
  • Access to Candidate Database
  • Filter based on multiple factors
  • Extended Credit Validity