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Welcome to InPAT pro! A dedicated platform exclusively for Finance, Accounting, Taxation, HR, Audit, Marketing professionals!

We aim to build a community of individuals in the finance field by providing the right tools and guidance to each individual at their level of experience. Learn practically, find jobs and build your connection with professionals from our community.

Welcome to InPAT

Our Presence

Our centers are in over 75 locations across India! We are rapidly expanding and covering more locations everyday in order to provide our courses, job opportunities and connections across India!

We ensure that our centers provide the best facilities for students and candidates to get them Job-ready. This enables aspirants to become professionals and in turn help more people in the field of Commerce!
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Ask questions to professionals directly using Queries, mark Due dates, get access to study materials from anywhere and find Jobs that are relevant to you. These features help you in whichever direction you choose to tread in.
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Unique Features of InPAT pro!

Query Forum

Browse through questions and queries and participate in discussions.

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Pro Opinions

Get opinions from 'Pro'fessionals in topics related to

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Prepare for Jobs

Get ready for your next interview by taking tests and reading guidelines.

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Due Dates

View the list of important dates every month and plan accordingly.

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A Practical Approach to Training

We have developed a unique and innovative concept where we focus on teaching practical aspects of Accounting, Taxation & HR.

Practical Training makes sure that students will understand the fundamental concepts of accounting better as they interact with the topics instead of just learning the theory.
With branches all across India, we aim to provide the right training to all aspirants so that students can live up to their potential and find the best jobs and become true professionals!

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We provide study materials which are Industry Ready!

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Get the latest Soft Copies of all study materials!


Practice Unlimited Return Filing in a protected server!


Get recognition with DPAT® Certification in your CV!


Find and apply for the best job in your desired location!


A Specialised platform exclusively created for Finance Aspirants.

We are India's leading Placement Company working exclusively for Accounting, HR, Audit & Marketing. We follow a research-based approach in dealing with the candidates' recruitment process. Our software helps recruiters take tests, interviews, review records, and other tasks to locate the best candidates.

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InPAT Jobs

Hire the best Candidates.

Looking for Accountant/HR/Audit/Marketing Candidates?

InPAT pro provides recruiters with essential tools to hire the perfect candidates for their Job Requirements. Our placement software contains unique features recruiters can use such as Technical Skill assessment, language verification tool and more. Recruiters can also pick candidates from our vast Candidate Database and close thier job requirements quickly!

InPAT Recruitments

Become a 'Pro'!

Connect with professionals from various Commerce Fields and expand your reach with InPAT pro!

We provide a platform where professionals can connect with each other and share ideas and knowledge and grow together as a community. This approach helps both Aspirants & Experts to interact with each other in an environment that promotes mutual benefits and growth.

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