TDS Computation

TDS refers to tax deducted at source of income itself. In the case of TDS on salary, it relates to the tax deduction made by an employer on your salaried income. TDS on salary helps the government in collecting income tax accruing from an individual’s salary at the source.
The TDS rate on salary depends on the income you receive from your employer, based on which you fall into different tax slab rates. According to the tax slab, the rate for your TDS deduction on salary will range from 10% to 30%.

TDS deduction is not simply based on percentages in case of employees. There is a need to run through a long duration of documentation, planning and re-planning on a periodic basis.

With this course, you will learn:

- Computation of TDS on Salary

- Form 12B & 12BB

- Tax planning for employees

- TDS on Other than Salary

- TDS payment process

InPAT TDS Computation

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