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Get Access to the best Study Materials!

Our study materials aim to provide students with the knowledge, tools of analysis, skills & hands-on working experience to understand and participate in modern business and provide comprehensive training to students by laying emphasis on the practical aspects, thereby giving an exposure to the corporate world.

With our courses, our students will get a copy of study materials crafted to improve their practical skills. These cover the 3 step learning process that includes:

InPAT Study Materials

The materials provided are one of the best skill developing tools which helps students interact with problems rather than just solve them.

Sample Study Material

View our Sample Study Material Below to get a feel of our practical Training. They are of 4 types. Each will target one aspect of that topic, giving students an overall understanding of the subject matter as a whole when combined.

InPAT Study Materials

We have included the first chapter of our 'Tally Foundation' course. Make sure to view the presentation, Book and Downloadables and follow the instructions

Tally Foundation