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Your Task:


Go through each Job and acquire database of suitable candidates


Screen the candidates to cross-check if they are suitable for the Job.


Onboard them by sharing your unique link from our InPAT Portal.


Regular Requirements

We regularly post new Job Requirements to help you find the right candidates.

Basic Screening only

Just make sure that the candidate is suitable for a particular Job. We'll do the rest.

Real Time Updates

Get Immediate status of all the candidates you have referred to conveniently.

Ease of Usage

Easy interface to check, share and get updates & details on each Job.

Earn per Selection

Get paid within 30 Days from the date of selection of the candidate.

Zero Targets

You do not have ANY TARGETS for this Job. Do it at your own time!

Recruitment Partnership Agreement

This Agreement is made on between , (hereinafter referred as “Recruitment Partner”) which expression where the context so admits be deemed to include their successors and assigns of the first part; AND

M/s G-MaC Advisors Expert Accountants Private Limited owning the brand of “InPAT pro” (In short InPAT”), registered office located at #258/1, 1st Floor, Near 31E Bus Stop, Thyagrajnagar Nagar 2nd block, Bangalore 560 028 (hereinafter referred as “InPAT”) which expression where the context so admits be deemed to include their successors and assigns of the second part.

Whereas Recruitment Partner provide recruitment services as required by the InPAT And whereas InPAT is desirous of availing the services of RECRUITMENT PARTNER and, RECRUITMENT PARTNER is willing to offer their services to InPAT.

Details of Each service requirement shall be shared by InPAT through its portal . Such services shall be provided by the RECRUITMENT PARTNER in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. NOW THEREFORE AND IN CONSIDERATION OF MUTUAL COVENANTS AND AGREEMENTS HEREIN CONTAINED IT IS HEREBY AGREED BY AND BETWEEN THE PARTIES AS FOLLOWS:-

1. InPAT will upload their requirement in website for the visibility of RECRUITMENT PARTNER, who shall source suitable candidates as per the requirements of InPAT.

2. RECRUITMENT PARTNER shall upload details of suitable candidates with specified information and ensure good services and shall strictly adhere to the norms of qualifications/experience, etc., specified by InPAT in their requirement.

3. RECRUITMENT PARTNER is not allowed to collect any amount from the candidates in the name of fee, commission, etc. for the reference of the job under this agreement through InPAT portal. Any deviation from this clause shall lead to termination of the agreement with immediate effect and RECRUITMENT PARTNER shall not be eligible for any fee from the InPAT, further outstanding fee receivable by RECRUITMENT PARTNER shall be considered as zero.

4. Commercials for recruitment service are 25% of the first month fixed salary offered to the candidate. However, this shall not include variable pay based on the performance, bonus, etc. Only fixed monthly salary shall be considered. Payments are subject to deduction of TDS.

5. InPAT shall have final say in the selection of suitable candidates and nothing shall be payable by InPAT to RECRUITMENT PARTNER in respect of candidates not finally selected by InPAT.

6. InPAT is required to share status of candidate’s job with the RECRUITMENT PARTNER on regular basis through the portal. RECRUITMENT PARTNER shall be eligible to for payment after 30 working days from the date of appointed day only if candidate is still working. RECRUITMENT PARTNER shall not be responsible for the replacement of candidate if employee leaves the organization after 30 working days.

7. InPAT will pay RECRUITMENT PARTNER for services rendered by its resources within 30 days from the date of appointment of the candidate.

8. Professional fees will not be payable to the RECRUITMENT PARTNER for a candidate who applies or re-applies to any job openings of the InPAT for which RECRUITMENT PARTNER has not completed the basic screening and uploaded candidates details through the portal.


9. All information disclosed by one party to the other, including but not limited to methods, processes, strategies and business plans, in connection with this Agreement (including the Agreement itself and associated Statements) shall be treated as confidential information (“Confidential Information”). The parties agree to hold such information in strictest confidence and not to copy, reproduce, sell, assign, license, market, transfer, give or otherwise disclose such information, before or after termination of this Agreement, to third parties or to use such information for any purposes whatsoever, without the express written permission of the other party, other than for the performance of obligations hereunder or as otherwise agreed to herein, and to advise each of their directors, officers, advisers, employees, agents and representatives of their obligations to keep such information confidential. In no event shall such measures be less than reasonable in light of general industry practice. The parties shall use reasonable efforts to assist each other in identifying and preventing any unauthorized use or disclosure of any Confidential Information. Such information will only be divulged to those who need to be advised of the information to carry out work as defined in the Statements governed by this Agreement, provided that they are made fully aware of and are required to adhere as if they were party to the terms of this Agreement. Without limitation of the foregoing, the parties shall use reasonable efforts to advise each other immediately in the event that either learns or has reason to believe that any person who has had access to Confidential Information has violated or intends to violate the terms of this Agreement, and will reasonably cooperate in seeking injunctive relief against any such person.

Non-Confidential Information

10. Notwithstanding the obligations set forth in section 9, the confidentiality obligations of the parties shall not extend to information that: (i) is, as of the time of its disclosure or thereafter becomes, part of the public domain, otherwise than by breach of this Agreement or any other obligation or confidentiality, through a source other than the receiving party; (ii) was rightfully known to the receiving party as of the time of its disclosure; (iii) is independently developed by the receiving party; (iv) is subsequently learned from a third party not under a confidentiality obligation to the providing party, or (v) is required to be disclosed by law or regulation pursuant to any court proceedings or any agency or government entity, whereupon the disclosing party shall provide prompt written notice to the other party prior to such disclosure, so that such party may seek a protective order or other appropriate remedy. In the event that a protective order or other appropriate remedy is not obtained, the disclosing party agrees to disclose only that portion of the Confidential Information which is required.

11. This agreement shall be valid for a period of one year with effective date of this agreement and may be terminated by either party by giving one month’s notice in writing to the other party. The parties hereto shall clear each other’s dues on or before termination of the agreement.

12. The terms and conditions of this agreement may be altered by mutual consent in writing.

13. Any dispute shall be mutually settled without interference of any third party. However, if it cannot be so resolved, the dispute or difference arising between parties with respect to this agreement or any matter in connection therewith or relating thereto shall be referred to arbitration in accordance with the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. The Arbitration proceedings shall be held at Bangalore.

For & On behalf of InPAT
G-MaC Advisors Expert Accountants Private Limited (First Party)

For and On behalf of Recruitment Partner

(Second Party)