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Welcome to InPAT Professionals. Connect with People, post finance updates, generate leads, assign tasks to others etc.

We provide a platform where professioanls can connect with each other and share ideas and knowledge and grow together as a community. We are excited to see a growing community of both young and experienced professionals coming together and working in harmony.

Features available exclusively for InPAT Professionals

InPAT Professionals will allow you to build your brand as a company or as an individual. This can be done in the following ways:

1. You will allow you to post updates that come on front page of our news app. This is done to get proper exposure and make your profile unique. Please note that the most recent and most liked posts will appear on top of the page.

2. Your posts will have a unique "pro" badge next to them. You can attach images and PDFs to your updates.

3. You will have access to all the other porfessionals from the professionals page. You will be able to view their profile and send them your contact information if you wish to communicate with them.

4. People contacting you will appear in your "leads" section. This is how you generate leads. Since they contact you, the conversion rate will be very high.

5. Build your profile and set the number of juniors, seniors and managers in your team. You can be asked to complete a task with the help of your a part of your team once you get a lead.

Our goal is to build a strong community of committed individuals working towards their goals while helping each other grow.

Please note that your role as an InPAT professional will be given only after sending a request to InPAT and we approve your request.
This is done only to verify your identity and for easy monitoring of public posts and updates.

Note: You can only register to become a professional from our android App. This is done to discourage spam and to only allow genuinely interested people to interact with others.

You can however access all your leads, tasks etc on this page after you sign in to our app and we approve your request.

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