Payroll or Salary Statement

Payroll accounting is essentially the calculation, management, recording, and analysis of employees’ compensation. In addition, payroll accounting also includes reconciling for benefits, and withholding taxes and deductions related to compensation. The calculation of payroll is highly influenced by each country’s legal requirements (it may also depend on state or local city requirements).
Payroll costs are related to obligations (expenses) assumed by an employer. They fund compensation paid to employees for their direct labor or as a consequence of mandatory benefits defined by legal requirements. The sum of all the concepts listed above forms the accrued expense for keeping an employee on the payroll. Under accounting principles, all accrued expenses must meet the matching principle. The matching principle states that all expenses need to match in the period when all the related revenues are reported (it does not depend on the payment date). For example, if an employee is hired on the first day of December but paid on the first week of January, the expense related to the labor of the employee must be recognized in December.

With this course, you will understand various types of deductions such as PF, ESI, PT, etc. Proper computation and Filing of PF, ESI & PT return is crucial for every business organisation. Delay in filing or non-filing attract penalty provisions. Therefore role of an Accountant or HR is very important in this regard.

With this course, you will learn:

- Appointment Process & CTC Structure

- Payroll Preparation

- Payroll in Tally

- Payslip Generation

InPAT Payroll or Salary Statement

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