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Our Simulation Software will help your students learn
Better & Faster!

Practically filing GST, IT, TDS Returns etc will help your students learn practical skills quickly and will help your Institute get recognized as one of the most unique institutions in your area!

InPAT Simulation for Institutes

Our Vision

  1. To bring in Quality Education to all Institutes by intrgrating Practical Simulation Software to existing Accounting & Taxation Institutions.
  2. To help Students in getting better jobs by providing Job-Ready Training with our Simulated Real-World Examples
  3. To build a community to Professionals who have learnt the necessary skills in a quick amount of time to tackle real-world problems in Commerce!

How it Works

Once you register as an Institue, you will be provided with a Detailed guide on the entire process!


Register your Institute to InPAT as a Simulation Institute.

Buy Codes

From the Dashboard provided, buy the required number of Access Codes.

Avail Code

Provide your Student with the Access Code and ask them to Enter it.

Get Access

Once Access Code is confirmed, Students Get 6 Months of Unlimited Access.

Benefits to Institute

Please note that one Access Code can be used in ONE Computer & One Email ID at a Time.

Unlimited Access

Your Institute will have unlimited Access to Simulation Software for Tutorails

Access to Dashboard

You will get a Dashboard where you can manage Access Codes of all students and get Performance Data

Scale Infinitely

You can get as many access codes for as many branches as you want! No Restictions or Limits.


Please note that the bulk pricing for each Institute varies based on Location and Requirement; and customized pricing options are available.

Fixed Price


For Small Institutions with 1-2 Classrooms / 20 Students per month

$ 849 /simulation
Minimum Orders: 25
Fixed Price


For Medium Sized Institutions with 3-5 Classrooms / 50+ Students per month

$ 699 /simulation
Minimum Orders: 100
Flexible Pricing


For Colleges / Large Institutions with 200+ students.

Minimum Orders: 500

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