Practical Accounting & Taxation Training™ (Level I)

Diploma in Practical Accounting & Taxation (DPAT®) course is a complete package that includes all practical aspects of Accounting and Taxation. Aspirants can go for this course to have a complete understanding of Accounting, Income Tax, GST, TDS, Labour laws, Payroll, Excel, Tally, etc.

PAT level-I contains basic modules designed specifically for freshers and new graduates. This course gives students better understanding of difference between their theoretical knowledge and practical applications of it.


With this course, you will learn:

US Accounting Rule with strong Debit Credit Knowledge

Voucher Entries in Tally with perfect grouping and BRS in Tally

Accounting in Tally with bill reference

Basic and Advanced Excel Formulae.

Salary Statement with PF, ESI, PT deductions

Preparation of salary structure & payslip

GST Computation and Return Filling

Income Tax computation of individuals

TDS computation and deduction for Form 16 & 16A

and more...

Courses Included in this Package:


Tally Foundation Course covers in-depth knowledge to meet all the accounting requirements of the business industry.

Basic & Advanced

Become a master in Excel formulas, shortcuts, spreadsheets, and other common usage. Learn to use over 40 Forumlas and Features.

Payroll or
Salary Statement

With this course, you learn preparation of salary statement for your organisation and we provide complete practical understanding of payroll.

Income Tax

This course helps students improve their knowledge on computation of Income tax and the details of tax payable by an individual.


This course helps one understand how TDS needs to be computed and how payment process is done in various scenarios practically.

GST Computation
& Return Filing

This course covers the entirity of GST Computation and Return Filing process with the help of our simulation software.

With this course, you will get:

Study Materials

Get detailed information on Important Topics and learn Practically.
*Printed Materials for Classroom Training & Soft-Copy for Online and Recorded Students.
Online Presentation

Get a concise and clear description of topics in Powerpoint Presentation

*Access for All for each chapter.

Get downloadable Files and Lists relevant to the course.

*Available for certain chapters only.
Simulation Software

Practice the important things practically with our Demo Website.

*Available only when course is running.