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Our Add-on courses are in compliance with NEP!

The new National Education Policy(2020) [NEP] specifies certain guidelines to all colleges.

Our courses are designed to match perfectly with the NEP requirements set by the government.

  1. Our courses meet the 40 Hour requirement of add-on skill-development courses per semester.

  2. Our courses are 100% Practical

  3. Students get real-world Experience

  4. The focus of the course is Skill-Development

  5. Our Courses are modular and students get the certificate after completion of each module.

  6. We provide Job Support for all our students

100% Practical Courses

Our concept of Practical Accounting & Taxation came up when the demand for skilled candidates in the field were high, but there was no formal training or guidance given to any candidate who wanted to enter into this field. Our aim is to bridge the gap between theory classes of college and the real-world working environment of CA Firms, corporates and other companies. We introduced practical training courses to make sure that our students get the practical real-world experience while sitting in a classroom, so that they can easily transit into the real world with equivalent to one year of industry experience by the time they finish our courses. With our Practical Courses, students get unique learning tools which integrate to help the student in understanding the concepts completely. We have also developed a strong Evaluation system to control and assess the quality of training.

InPAT College Courses


Diploma in Practical Accounting & Taxation (DPAT®) course is a complete package that includes all practical aspects of Accounting and Taxation. Aspirants can take up these courses and have a complete understanding of Accounting, Income Tax, GST, TDS, Labour laws, Payroll, Excel, Tally, etc.

We have created 5 specialisations of practical training for effective integration with degree courses.

DPAT® Level I

DPAT® level-I contains basic modules designed specifically for freshers and new graduates. This course gives students better understanding of difference between their theoretical knowledge and practical applications of it.

DPAT Level 1

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DPAT® Level II

DPAT® level II is advanced learning of Accounting, Taxation and Labour laws. To handle accounts independently an Accountant must know to file regular returns such as TDS, PF, ESI, PT etc. Also, knowledge on how to review books of accounts, prepare financial statements and compute tax for the business is very important.

DPAT Level 2

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HR Specialisation

Students who want to start their career in Human Resource (HR) department, Basic requirement is to know detailed structure and components of Payroll. With practical aspects of Payroll and statutory compliances upto 30-40 excel formula and much more is also covered.

InPAT HR Specialisation

Tax Specialisation

Students who want to build their career in Direct and Indirect taxation field will greatly benefit from this course. Students will first learn computation of Income Tax & TDS. Then they will learn how to compute and file the returns of Income Tax, TDS and GST. This course also goes in detail about Depreciation computation as per IT and Companies act.

Tax Specialisation

R2R Specialisation

Record to Report (R2R) will help students from the initial recording level to preparation of Financial Statements as per Companies Act as well as Management Requirement. This course walks students through Basic Excel and Tally Software in the beginning and then takes them through Management Information Systems (MIS) and preparation of budgets and comparison with actuals.

DPAT Level 2


For effective integration of DPAT® courses with the regular curriculum, following class planning is suggested. It is advisable to make availability of the computer lab for the students 2-3 times per week.

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